The Jennie Lee was a Recon-X starfighter attached to the 21st Reconnaissance Wing of the New Republic Fifth Fleet, commanded by Lieutenant Rone Taggar. The fighter was named after Lieutenant Taggar's mother, who had fought at the Battle of Endor.

Lieutenant Taggar was the commander of the 21st Recon Unit, which was sent to scout all the known Yevethan worlds shortly after the disastrous defeat of the Fifth Fleet in the Battle of Doornik-319. The Jennie Lee was sent to scout N'zoth, the Yevethan homeworld. In orbit, it detected multiple Galactic Empire Star Destroyers, Aramadia-class thrustships, the Executor-class Star Destroyer Pride of Yevetha, and the shipyards of Black Fifteen. Its scanner readings were relayed by the R2-R unit of the Jennie Lee directly back to Coruscant, where they were reviewed by President Leia Organa Solo and multiple high-ranking military commands. It flew a constant trajectory while using braking thruster maneuvers.

However, before it could complete the last thirty seconds of its recon scan, it was hit by ion cannon fire from the Yevethan corvette Beauty of Yevetha. Eighty-nine seconds later, it was reeled in by tractor beam. Rather than being captured, Lieutenant Taggar wiped all the data from the Recon-X's computers, detonated his R2-R unit, and then self-destructed his fighter. The explosion killed him and destroyed both the Jennie Lee and the Beauty of Yevetha.



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