This article is about the pilot. You may be looking for the University of Agamar student Jens.

Jens was a male pilot who flew a Z-95 Headhunter within Foxfire Squadron, a unit attached to the Ividal Sector Forces.

During the Clone Wars, Jens flew with Foxfire Squadron during an attack against the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems over the world Ongary IX, and during the battle Jens flew as the wingmate of fellow pilot Jorn Kulish. The Z-95s of Foxfire Squadron were deployed as bombers to fire burrowing plasma charges against Separatist entrenched in fortified mine shafts. However, during their first bombing run, the blast visor of Jens' helmet was polarized by the flash from the detonation of the plasma warheads. While he tried to remove the helmet, Jens inadvertently flew his starfighter into the deck of a nearby starship.

As a result of the difficulties faced by Jens and fellow pilot Rafana with flying during the flashes caused by firing the plasma warheads, during the later stages of the battle over Ongary IX the pilots of Foxfire Squadron were provided with blast shields on their helmets to protect their eyes from the explosions.