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Jensaarai Saarai-kaar armor

Jensaarai armor was the specialized armor made and worn by the Jensaarai.

Each Jensaarai would make their own set of armor; it was considered the height of their training and the individual would develop a bond with the armor. In this case, it was similar to how a Jedi viewed his lightsaber. A Jensaarai would begin with an armor shell, spinning cortosis ore fiber around it, and then style it after an animal that best personified their desires or goals of service to the Jensaarai community. Most were creatures that were hidden and only struck out in swift, deadly defensive attacks.

A notable exception to this tradition was the Saarai-kaar's mask, which was not an animal, but an image of the wearer's face.

Sith alchemy was used in the creation of the armor, and they usually wore gray cloaks over it. The Jensaarai also used an ability to attune their armor.



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