Jenson Drever II was the managing director of Drever Corporation, a minor weapons manufacturing corporation in the Parmel sector. A short, stocky near-Human with greenish-gray skin, Drever was known for his usually calm, almost emotionless demeanor. This was in contrast to the rages which he sometimes displayed when he did not get his way. In general, Drever was an intelligent, and competent businessman. While not always particularly knowledgeable about the technical aspects of his company's products, Drever was nonetheless successful at selling those products. Amongst the corporate culture in the Galactic Empire, Drever was well liked.

Drever had no interests outside of his business, and as such had no family or close friends. His closest relationship was with Madel Wharen, who was once on the Drever Corporation's Board of Directors. Drever and Wharen had very different philosophies, with the most notable example of this being Wharen's sympathies for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. As Drever did not share these sympathies, the two men had explosive arguments, which ultimately led Drever to transfer Wharen to a backwater research and development installation.


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