"They strung up some sort of wire in the canyon and it clipped my top wing. I barely had time to eject before the whole thing piled into the canyon wall. I came down on top of the rock. If I'd landed on the floor, the womp rats would have got me for sure"
―Jent Loquoy[src]

Jent Loquoy was a female Human who lived on Tatooine along with her moisture farmer parents Burdo Loquoy and Lorna Loquoy. She owned a T-16 skyhopper and had a reputation among her friends as a hot-shot pilot who would sometimes exaggerate things for effect. On one occasion when she was 17, she was flying the skyhopper down a canyon, when she crashed it as a result of what she claimed to be an attack by intelligent womp rats. According to her story, they strung up a wire across the canyon, which she flew into and crashed on top of a rock. A number of womp rats armed with pieces of metal tried to climb up and get her, but she shot off a flare and her father rescued her before they could reach her.