"Next time make sure you know what you're doing before you start waving your blaster around, other people don't bother asking questions before they start shooting."
Han Solo[src]

Jephster was a young male who tried to buy a spaceship off of the shipjacker and con artist Dozer Creed in 0 ABY. Creed told him his ship was located in Bay 250 however the ship was not there and Jephster came back with a blaster hoping to get answers. He snuck up behind Han Solo and Chewbacca. He put the blaster into Solo's back while using the large Wookiee as a visual shield. Solo claimed that Chewbacca had a heart condition and Chewbacca played along, swaying and weaving forcing Jephster to sway and weave to match the Wookiee's movements. While Jephster was distracted Solo quickly turned and disarmed him. Solo pointed the blaster back at Jephster and demanded answers just as Creed walked over. Creed identified the kid and told him that his ship was in the North Quadrant. Creed explained that the kid had misheard him say Bay 250 but the ship was really in Bay 215. Jephster was mortified and ran off after Solo returned his blaster. Once he was gone Solo correctly guessed that the ship was not in Bay 215 either to which Creed replied that he had already sold the ship to another buyer.


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