Jeratai was an Admiral of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy. Although considered brilliant, he had a reputation for recklessness, and enjoyed putting his men in danger to push for his own victory. Despite this, Jeratai himself was a coward who feared danger.

He was one of the funders of Carnor Jax's plan to sabotage Palpatine's clones. After the Emperor's death, Jeratai became a member of Jax's Interim Ruling Council. A staunch xenophobist, he was suspicious of the aliens on the council. Jeratai believed that the assassinations on the council were caused by an insider, most likely a nonhuman. Admiral Jeratai was imprisoned by Xandel Carivus when he disbanded the council to rule as Emperor.

Following Carivus' death, he was taken into New Republic custody.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Crimson Empire II: Council of Blood, Jeratai describes leaving his fleet to join the Council at Jax's invitation. It is possible that he was in fact one of the "six former starfleet commanders" who joined the Cabal before the Imperial reconquest of Coruscant, at the time when Jax, backed by Sarcev Quest, was originally positioning himself as the Ruling Council's figurehead.



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