"I thought you might be down in your rat's hole, Jerell."
―Dennix Graeber[src]

Jerell was a male Human who was one of the leaders in the Ralltiir resistance to Imperial rule. He was the father of two daughters; one of them, Bettle, was a smuggler, while the other was dead by the end of the New Republic capture of Ralltiir, a death he blamed on Ralltiir's Imperial governor, Dennix Graeber.


Jerell managed to convince Bettle to assist in the Rebellion, joking that it paid her better than her smuggling did. His daughter began by running guns to Ralltiir with her partner Jaxa; eventually, he got Bettle caught up in the Rebellion itself.

Following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic began making pushes into the Core, though no Core World had actually fallen to the New Republic. Jerell and Bettle were present in an underground communications center on Ralltiir, monitoring communications from the New Republic strike team led by Spike, when Governor Graeber initiated communication with the resistance leader, taunting him. In the midst of the communication, Spike's team destroyed the planet's power generators at the same time that a task force of six Mon Calamari Star Cruisers entered the system, ensuring that Ralltiir would be the first Core World to fall to the New Republic. Jerell took great satisfaction in taunting Graeber, noting that he had the fortune to be the first Imperial governor to welcome the New Republic to Core World soil.

He was also an aide to General Willard not long after the Battle of Yavin/Legends.