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"I am Jeren Nolus Organa, seventh cousin of our honored duke. It's an honor to meet you."
―Jeren Nolus Organa[src]

Jeren Nolus Organa was a male Human member of House Organa during the Alderaan Civil War and a seventh cousin of duke Charle Remmot Organa. A strong supporter of Jace Malcom, Organa was extremely loyal to him out of respect for Malcolm's sacrifices for the planet during the Great Galactic War.[1] During the Alderaan Civil War, Jeren led a small camp of soldiers stationed in the King's Pass. After the camp was attacked and many, including Jeren, received injuries, he received medical supplies delivered by a Republic citizen.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. SWTOR mini Star Wars: The Old Republic—Republic Mission: "Bonus Series" on Alderaan

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