"Try it now."
"Yes, sir."
"Excellent. Fine job. Cut power. Raise the transceiver into position and initiate the comm sequence."
―Jeres Moridon orders a stormtrooper to activate the HoloNet transceiver[src]

Jeres Moridon was a male lieutenant in the Galactic Empire who was stationed on the moon of Endor during the Battle of Endor.


After graduating from the Imperial Academy, Moridon was assigned as a security officer at a communications research facility on the planet Vo Tunbren in the Tadra sector. After the death of a fellow researcher in a failed experiment, Moridon took the man's place. He received several commendations for the research he conducted over the years and soon became the head researcher. Eventually he was able to request a transfer to a secret Imperial facility called Udrin Cara in the Mid Rim. However, within a week Moridon was exposed to Maladeria II, a toxic gas being researched by the Empire for its military uses, and he was injured by an explosion. The entire ordeal left Moridon with a limp and an erratic psychological profile. He recovered in less than a year but was discharged from the military.

Moridon was soon reassigned to oversee the construction of a backup HoloNet system at an outpost on the forest moon of Endor, above which the Death Star II was being constructed. In 4 ABY, the Rebel Alliance invaded the region and destroyed the Death Star in the Battle of Endor. During the battle, most of the outpost's personnel was sent to fight elsewhere, leaving Moridon the highest-ranking individual present. After the battle, he took control of the outpost and attempted to break through the communications interference caused by the Death Star's destruction by jury-rigging a HoloNet transceiver to notify the remnants of the Imperial fleet about the Empire's defeat in a bid to regain their favor. However, a group of Rebel operatives learned of his plans and infiltrated the outpost in an attempt to stop him. Moridon was confronted by them just as he initiated the sequence to begin transmitting the signal to the Imperial fleet.