"He's mine! I saw him first!"
―Jericho Donovan[src]

Jericho Donovan was a smuggler in the Outer Rim and the older sister of Josephine Donovan, whom she hated immensely, and daughter of James Ortell Donovan. She was extremely attractive and wore tight pants, boots and a flight jacket. She was an excellent pilot, but lacked astrogation skills.


Rebel without a causeEdit

A rebel by nature, Donovan did everything she could to spite her father. She was sent to the Mindabaal Royal Academy boarding school for troubled teens. There she became engaged in smuggling and reprogramming starship astrogation computers, unbeknownst to the academy instructors. After graduation she and some classmates stole her father's Mindabaal pleasure yacht, the Royal Flower, and renamed it Jericho's Pride and set off on a career in smuggling and piracy, severing all ties with the Donavan family.


Years later, she raided a Mindabaalite ship and managed to kidnap the Mindabaalite ambassador, who turned out to be her own sister. When they returned to Mindabaal, they found that it had been devastated in an Imperial planetary bombardment. From that day on, the sisters teamed up determined to thwart the Empire through smuggling and crime. Jericho would especially make use of her criminal skills as well as her persuasive skills which were augmented by her good looks.