Jerrid Squadron was a large R-41 Starchaser fighter Squadron formed by Airam Pirates during the Galactic Civil War. The squadron along with T-Wings from Claw Squadron were part of a pirate raid against an Imperial Convoy that the Empire "leaked" out to the Airams to capture more Airam members to find their base. While Jerrid Squadron disabled the convoy, Claw Squadron was supposed to provide fighter support but were instead punched through by the Imperial fighters, which included Avenger Squadron and attacked both their main ships causing them to power down and surrender, or risk being destroyed. The R-41 fighters attempted to intercept the stormtrooper transports and attack the Star Destroyer Rage. They underestimated the Imperials resolve and were likely wiped out and their freighters that were supposed to capture the Convoy were instead captured by the Empire's own Stormtrooper tranpsorts.