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Jettison was a Twi'lek male slicer and a member of Viidu's crew during the Cold War. When Skavak and Syreena betrayed Viidu and slaughtered Viidu and most of the gang with the exception of Corso Riggs who was away from the base on the mission, Jettison caught the massacre on the holocameras and managed to escape before traitors could reach him. He ran for a while and eventually came to Tatooine where after some time he tried to remotely access Viidu's old bank account. Not long after that, he was caught by a group of mad militiamen, who turned to cannibalism. Fortunately for Jettison, Corso Riggs noticed him trying to access Viidu's account and tracked his location, which allowed him and the Voidhound to arrive just in time to save Jettison from a gruesome fate. After a fateful reunion, Jettison gave up the life of crime and got a normal job in Anchorhead, testing HoloNet security.


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