Jhara was a female Human, who lived on Dalicron-4 during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Jhara was born to Force-sensitive parents and lived on Dalicron-4 along with them, her brother Caeleb and her grandfather, Gel, a former Jedi. In 3 ABY, Gel contacted the Rebel Alliance and asked them to send Luke Skywalker to Dalicron-4, as he felt that Caeleb was at risk from the Galactic Empire, because he was strong in the Force. The Alliance sent a team of its agents instead and Jhara traveled to the village of Dalia to meet them. She acquired some Cracian Thumpers from the Rodian Meebo and they rode them back to her family's farm. However, upon arrival they found that Gel was dead and Caeleb missing, so they set out to find the missing child.