Jhonterius Park was a beautiful park in the city D'larah, on the planet Demophon. It stretched over four and a half hectares and contained walking paths, benches and tables, and sports fields. Flora and fauna from many worlds were imported to fill the park, and the D'larah Palm was genetically engineered specifically for it. While largely empty during the day, workers often stopped by in the evenings. After dark, however, the city's jobless drifted through the park, along with D'larah's criminal element. Criminal activity has persisted despite the efforts of the D'larah City Patrol.[1]

The park was named for D'larah's founder, Jhonterius. Soon before the destruction of the Demophon system via supernova, a mysterious hooded figure began appearing in the park, claiming to be Jhonterius's ghost brought back from beyond death to save D'larah from its impending doom.[1]



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