Jhyarra was a very popular dancer who performed at the GlitterGlow Nightclub and the Ace of Sabres casino.


Jhyarra was one of the most popular entertainers at the casino and would put on a show for the casino patrons. She was good enough that she was one of the select few that was able to perform for the Sabre Club, the Ace's elite VIP group.

She learned of some of the criminal activities that were occurring behind the scenes of the casino, including the slavery ring that was kidnapping patrons and attempted to leave hire a group of patrons to help her escape the casino. Unfortunately her snooping had tipped off both the casino's head of security, Dunan Par'Ellas well as the Sibarra the Hutt's local assassin Cha-Val Sha-Vak. Both of these dangerous individuals attempted to track her down and remove her as a threat to the casino.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jhyarra was designed by Paul Danner and Bill Smith for Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy, a supplement for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game that was published by West End Games in 1997.

She was designed as part of an adventure hook where she would hire the players to protect her from Sibarra's security guard and assassin as they tried to escape the casino and get off planet and out of the Hutt's grasp.


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