"You are vermin."
Nil Spaar, just before executing Jian Paret.[src]

Jian Paret was a Human male Imperial military officer who lived during the Galactic Civil War. In 4 ABY, eight months after the Battle of Endor, he was serving with Black Sword Command, in charge of the garrison at N'zoth.

At this time, Parett was the ranking officer at N'zoth, and it was he, and not Governor Crollick, who was ordered to supervise the evacuation to the Deep Core. He was evidently the commander of the garrison's legion of stormtroopers, but inasmuch as the Imperial Navy guardship Harridan had been withdrawn three weeks earlier, it is not clear whether in normal circumstances he would have had authority over the Black Fifteen shipyard, or the Super Star Destroyer Intimidator, fitting out at the docks.

Commander Paret's plans were foiled by a revolt among the native Yevetha, led by Nil Spaar. Seizing Intimidator and the shipyards, the Yevetha forced him to watch as they turned the big ship's guns on the shuttles carrying the twenty thousand Imperials of the garrison and the associated administrative cantonment. Nil Spaar then executed him in turn.

Behind the scenesEdit

The size of the stormtrooper force in Paret's command is inferred from Davith Sconn's statement in Shield of Lies that half the Imperial presence on N'zoth itself consisted of the white-armored shock-troops.