Jijites were small insect-like reptiles native to Ansion. They had four legs, slitted red eyes, and lived in hives.

Jijites were known for making large, columned hive mounds that appeared as triangular, tilted pillars. The hive mounds were made of pebbles and an organic mortar produced by the jijite's own excretions. These pillars were used to vent heat from the jijites' underground tunnels and were also used as look-out towers. The reptillian hives labored under a caste system similar to those found among social insects. The jijites had worker castes that made the tunnels and mounds, as well as sentinels, whose specialized vision allowed them to see predators and rival hives at great distances, plus many other castes.

In 22 BBY, while on a mission to settle a planetary border dispute and to convince all parties involved to resist all efforts at secession and to vote to remain within the Galactic Republic, a Jedi diplomatic team (that included Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli and Obi-Wan Kenobi and their Padawans) encountered a migrating swarm of deadly kyren. Along with their Alwari guides and suubatar mounts, the Jedi were forced to take cover behind native jijite columns until the blindly lethal avian swarm had passed.



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