"I know that Salek [sic] is still alive somewhere. If anyone has any information, or any of my fans are willing to donate credits to the search, please contact the Salek-Come-Home [sic] HoloNet registry."
―Jimke Weet[src]

Jimke Weet was the father of Salak Weet and a renowned kloo horn soloist.


When Salak went missing, on he and his friend Noa Briqualon's first voyage, Jimke funded a massive four-year rescue search for the pair, in which he spent nearly every credit he owned, in an attempt to find them. The last-known responder signal from Salak and Noa's ship had been near the Monsua Nebula, an area known for pirate activity and other treacheries. The search was eventually called off, however, following Jimke's filing of bankruptcy.

Jimke expressed his hope of Salak's survival in a quote from the HoloNet, following the end of the search.

At some point, Weet made an album of anti-war music with Orin Mersai and the duo Kang and Lubrichs.