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Jimmor Ison was a female cyborg created by the AI.

When Rebel Commandos went to Karlatt to destroy the AI, they were accompanied by Ison on her own insistence. She wanted to confront her "father."

The team infiltrated Temple Maudit. The AI manipulated them subtly, letting Ison, guided by intuition, lead them to the AI's citadel, a giant HoloNet transceiver. The AI then had numerous other cyborgs attack the Rebels, while the AI itself penetrated Ison with filaments in an attempt to take her over.

The Rebels had brought a 7,000-year old secret code they believed would destroy the AI. However, the AI had evolved, and the code was ineffective. In a heroic sacrifice, Ison used the filament connection to destroy both the AI and herself.

This freed the enslaved droid crews of the AI's fleet. The droids immediately abandoned the Karlatt system and formed the Artificial Republic. The Republic honored Ison thenceforth as a hero.