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A cortosis mine was in use by the Jin'ha located in the planet Obredaan specifically for the use of synthesizing cortosis ore for use in their weapons.


Immediately to the right of the mine entrance was a landing pad with an inactive Jin'ha starship. Two sets of doors lead into a large room with various crates, a small sunken pit of lethal liquid near the back of the room, and a set of stairs that lead to a second floor. Several corridors eventually lead to an elevator room, where occupants can descend further into the facility. At the lowest point of the mine is a large room with a cortosis refinery.[1]


In 32 BBY, the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi were sent on a mission to Obredaan by the Jedi Council to investigate the system after they had prevented a war on Coruscant that had been started by the criminal gang Black Heth, whom at the time were being supplied in arms by the Jin'ha. While Jinn had set off to search for the missing Masters who were lost during a previous mission, Kenobi infiltrated the facility and eventually recovered a sample of cortosis metal from the mine.[1]

Obi-Wan's eventual rendezvous with Jinn and the missing masters led to the discovery of a Trade Federation gunship as it flew overhead, leading the Jedi to believe a link existed between the Trade Federation and the Jin'ha.[1]


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