"Listen up, troops! The enemy is on the move. They're everywhere, and we don't know where they'll strike next. A battle line has to be maintained or our most precious resources are in danger. We'll fight the enemy across the galaxy and hit them in their exposed tender places, leaving them nowhere to hide. When the time is right, we'll break out the big guns."
Fleet Commander Jjiaah Porpman addressing Republic Navy troops[src]

Jjiaah Porpman was a male Force-sensitive Human that served as a Fleet Commander in the Republic Navy. He had authority to deploy heavy artillery and was involved in strategic planning.[2]


Born on Coruscant, Jjiaah Porpman (pronounced /ʒē'əh pɔərp'mən/) showed an early sensitivity to the Force. When he was just 4 years of age, he sensed a danger that caused him to leap out of the way moments before a building collapsed claiming the lives of his parents. Brought to the Jedi Temple as a Youngling, he began studying the ways of the Force. However, due to his internal emotional conflict over the deaths of his parents, he left the Temple while still a Padawan. Having departed from the Jedi academy, he entered into the Galactic Republic military and showed superior skill in tactics and strategy. During battles, Porpman was able to feel the flow of the conflict as it unfolded and react with seeming precognition.[1]

Sometime during his life, he adopted religious beliefs that impelled him to wear his hair in an atypical fashion for military personnel, being shaved on the sides and back with the rest of his hair on the top growing down in a two foot braid. However, in light of his unique skills and abilities, he received special dispensation from Naval Command for his manner of style. He also sported a beard with blond mustache.[1]

During the Clone Wars, he served the Republic Navy as a Fleet Commander. At one point in his military career, he delivered a speech to Republic troops to boost their morale and broadly outline Republic strategy. In it, he noted the necessity of keeping battle lines held as a means to protect vulnerable assets. He expressed the need to expose and hit the Separatist Army's weak points and to deploy units equipped with heavier armament at an unspecified key moment.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Porpman Weird Al

Weird Al's note to Porpman

Porpman is the screen name for the Official Star Wars PocketModel TCG Rules Arbitrator for WizKids Games when the company was organizing tournament play for the Lucasfilm Ltd. licensed brand line. He also continues to be a global moderator for the Official Star Wars PocketModels Community website,[3] and has been playing the game since its first release. During the time that WizKids was owned by Topps and producing the game, Porpman wrote several articles previewing units and cards that would be found in the expansions to be sold, writing in a narrative manner that incorporated his screen name as a character in the Star Wars universe.[2]

In June, 2013, "Weird Al" Yankovic—a songwriter known primarily among Star Wars fans for parody songs "Yoda" and "The Saga Begins"—autographed a note to Porpman, stating that he was his "favorite Star Wars character" when he met the Official Star Wars PocketModel TCG Rules Arbitrator who authored the previews the character appeared in.[4]


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