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Jo-Ahn was a female Human Jedi Padawan who attended the Jedi academy on Coruscant during Roan Novachez's time of attendance there. She occasionally joined Cronah and Cyrus in bullying other students. Like the other two, she particularly enjoyed picking on Roan. She was rather quiet and rarely talked at all. In her first year, she did an advice column for the school newspaper, The Padawan Observer. She also joined the Lightsaber Fencing Tournament, and defeated Roan in a lightsaber duel.

In Roan's second year, she was in Roan's group for a droid-building project along with Cyrus, Cronah and Greer. The droid, whom Roan named M.A.D.S., proved to be a success. She returned to the Lightsaber Fencing Tournament; this time, she was bested by Gaiana. Although she sometimes joined Cyrus and Cronah in cyberbullying other students, she was not put on probation that year.

During Roan's third year she remained nice like Cyrus instead of picking on Roan.


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