The Human Joad Kreel's father lived on the planet Aquilaris Minor during the Republic Dark Age. He was a member of the Seacroppers' Guild and was an acquaintance of Kerra Holt and her parents Aron and Mercia. He died during the Chagras Hegemony's invasion of Aquilaris in 1042 BBY.

His then thirteen-year old son Joad was waiting for him and Kerra to return so that they could escape on a Seacropper Submersible into the open oceans. When neither of them returned, Joad escaped into the oceans himself alone. With the death of his father, Joad was left orphaned. Unable to cope with his grief, Joad sunk into depression and became an addict to the spice Deluge.

During the Aquilaris campaign, Joad was able to come to terms with the death of his father through the help of his childhood friend Kerra, who had become a Jedi Knight. He helped evacuated thousands of lives during the Great Aquilaris Deluge.