Joben Crate Company

The crate manufacturing site after the attack

Joben-brand crate

A Joben-brand crate

"Crates?!!? I hate 'em. Worst thing that ever happened to the universe. And did you know that there are people mass producing them? I could not believe it."
Kiyan Riner to a spacer[src]

The Joben Crate Company was a Corellian manufacturing company near Coronet that produced crates. It was owned by Talan Joben


In 1 ABY the company was attacked and many of their crate manufacturing machines as well as most crates were destroyed. A spacer investigated this attack for Corellia Times reporter Vani Korr to find out if this was the work of the machine-hating Meatlumps. The spacer found a datapad among the destroyed machines with a message saying that bombs had been planted in Joben-brand crates and placed near hotels on several planets. The adventurer managed to locate all the bombs just in time and also found evidence that led to the culprit of these terrorist attempts: the retired adventurer Kiyan Riner who had targeted the company because of his boundless hate of crates.