Jocend was a male Moff of the Sith Empire during the Cold War with the Galactic Republic. The commander of the Imperial warship Overlord, Jocend and his ship were captured by Republic forces above Makem Te after the ship was damaged in an earlier battle.


A male Moff of the Sith Empire, Jocend served the Empire during the Cold War with the Galactic Republic. In 3641 BBY, he was the commander of the Overlord, an Imperial Harrower-class Dreadnaught. That same year, Jocend led an illegal attack on the Republic border with an Imperial task force, but the Overlord was badly damaged and separated from its escorts.[1]

Jocend attempted to hide the Overlord in the upper atmosphere of the planet Makem Te, but the Republic learned of the ship’s presence and sent the Coruscant Aegis Squadron to cripple the ship. The Republic forces successfully crippled and boarded the Overlord, capturing the ship and Jocend himself.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Jocend was created for Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011. He is mentioned in the mission briefing for the Space Battle: "Makem Te Assault" for Republic players. In the mission, the player cripples the Overlord above Makem Te so that the Republic could capture the ship.[1]


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