Joe Schreiber is the author of the horror novels Death Troopers, released in October 2009, and Red Harvest, released in December 2010. He is based in central Pennsylvania,[1] and is a well-known horror writer; his works including Chasing the Dead and Eat the Dark. Death Troopers was his first contribution to the Star Wars universe.

He is currently the writer for the Solo: A Star Wars Story: A Junior Novel, the junior novelization for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Star Wars BibliographyEdit

Title Format Date Notes
Death Troopers Novel 2009
Red Harvest Novel 2010
"The Syrox Redemption" Short Story 2013 Published in Star Wars Insider 146
Maul: Lockdown Novel 2014
Solo: A Star Wars Story: A Junior Novel Junior Novel 2018


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