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Joh's New and Used Droid Emporium was a successful droid retail business operating in the Cularin system. It had a stall at the Cularin Trade Show. It also had another one in Genarius, active during the SoroSuub Anniversary celebration, 31 BBY.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Joh's existed both within the galaxy and as a metaorganization for the Living Force campaign. Players in the Living Force were not allowed to just buy droids, they had to submit a request to Joh's, which would issue a certificate for the droid with a unique personality. Characters were allowed only one droid, and only characters with a certain level in the soldier class could buy a battle droid. Later in the campaign, the restrictions were loosened—characters could buy uncerted droids without going through Joh's, and if they owned a ship with a droid socket, they could own an astromech in addition to one other droid.


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