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John Barry (1935June 1, 1979) was an influential British production designer.

Barry was born in London, England.

Among his credits are Star Wars, to which he contributed the memorable sinkhole architecture of Tatooine, and the first two Superman films. The polished surfaces of the Death Star in the film are the clearest expressions of Barry's personal style.

Following these box office hits Barry was given the chance to direct his own project, the science fiction film Saturn 3. During the filming Barry fell out with the movie's star Kirk Douglas and was replaced by Stanley Donen. Fortunately he was snapped up by George Lucas as a second unit director on The Empire Strikes Back. On May 31st 1979, (two weeks into filming) he collapsed on set and was hospitalized as his temperature rose to 104 degrees. He died at 2am on June 1st, a victim of meningitis.

His memorial was held on June 11th at St. Paul's church, Grove Road, London (bordering Hounslow and Chiswick). He was cremated that day. [1]

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