John Stocker {born August 13, 1947) is a Canadian voice actor who provided the voice of several villains on the Nelvana Star Wars television show Star Wars Droids, including Zatec-Cha, as well as Sollag and Greej. He was also a vocal regular in the animated Star Wars: Ewoks series, as Widdle Warrick, plus such episodic roles as Mooth, Hoom, and the Dulok scout.

Outside of the Star Wars universe, Stocker's other animated voice roles include Beastly in Care Bears, Basil in Babar, Bugsy in Dog City, Toad and Mouser in Super Mario Bros., and Father Cat in Richard Scarry. He was also a voice director on Sailor Moon, Medabots and Beyblade. In the Bakugan anime series as he voiced characters like Naga and Zenoheld.

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