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"Okay, so the Jedi Council walks into a cantina to celebrate, but when they had to pay the bill, Yoda was a little short…Eh? A little short!"
"You know, sometimes it hurts my brain just standing next to you."
―Joker and Spanner[src]

"Joker" was the nickname of a clone trooper sergeant who served in the Jedi Temple Hangar during the Clone Wars. He was often known to tell jokes to pass the time during his work shift. His companion, Spanner, often did not understand his companion's jokes. Joker and Spanner both served on the Iceberg III Republic outpost during a mission to Iceberg Three.

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"Why is a manufacturing droid never lonely?"
"I don't know, why is a manufacturing droid never lonely?"
"Because he's always making new friends!"
―Joker and Spanner[src]

Sergeant Joker first appeared as an Non-Player Character (NPC) in Sony Online Entertainment's online game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. He and Corporal Spanner can be found in the temple hangar next to the door to the main hall. Clicking on Joker prompts him to tell a joke to Spanner. Unlike most other NPCs in the game, his name isn't displayed above his head, but when he tells a joke to Spanner, the conversation along with the NPCs' names are shown in the players' chat window.

The above joke, one of many told by Joker while in the Jedi Temple Hangar, was originally told by Jacen Solo in Star Wars canon.


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