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"I'd put a blaster in his belly if he tried kissing me!"

Jolli was the man-hating space pirate who was second-in-command to Crimson Jack as part of his notorious gang of pirates. She was known for her extremely short temper. Han Solo ironically nicknamed her "Miss Sunshine."


Early lifeEdit


Jolli is abandoned by her father.

Jolli grew up in a criminal environment as her father was a fugitive from the Galactic Empire. While Jolli was still a child, her father abandoned her and her mother on a frontier world because he felt that they were of no use to him and would only slow him down as he ran from the Empire. It was not long after that her mother was killed when an aerial torpedo hit their home, but Jolli survived the explosion. Her experience with her father made her bitter towards all men, and she constantly felt as though she had to prove herself better than any man at anything that she did.

Crimson Jack's gangEdit

Her outlaw life led her to become a member of Crimson Jack's pirate gang, where she became second to Crimson Jack himself. When the gang captured the Millennium Falcon and her crew Han Solo and Chewbacca in 0 BBY, Jolli took an instant dislike towards Solo and was eager to blast him on the spot. Jack reined her in and quickly took Solo's recently acquired treasure which he received from the Rebel Alliance for rescuing Princess Leia. To Jolli's chagrin, Jack decided to let the smugglers go free, feeling that they might encounter Solo again with more treasure to be had.


Jolli as a member of Crimson Jack's pirate gang.

A short time later, the gang captured Princess Leia while on her way to the Drexel system to investigate what had happened to Luke Skywalker. And, coincidently, they also captured Han Solo again as he was leaving Aduba-3, but this time there was no treasure in his ship's hold. The prisoners devised a plan to trick the pirates into taking them all to Drexel by leading them to believe that the Rebellion's treasury was located there. Jolli, still distrustful of Solo, was further confused when he and Leia were flirting with each other while on board the pirate cruiser. She even turned on her crewmates when some of them attempted to flirt with her; she was so angry that she drew her blaster and opened fire on them, but was soon calmed by Jack. The gang's prisoners escaped in the confusion caused by the jamming signal emanating from Governor Quarg's city-ship on the planet. The signal, while not powerful enough to drag the large cruiser to the planet's surface, forced the cruiser to stay in orbit. But the signal soon cut out as the mechanism was destroyed as a result of the war being waged on the planet. With the cruiser now operational, Jack sent a group of ships, including a Y-wing piloted by Jolli, to destroy the Millennium Falcon and particularly Han Solo. Jolli was only too happy to oblige, and in the battle she critically damaged Solo's ship, but her craft was also crippled in the process. Jolli requested assistance from Jack's cruiser, but Jack was focused on Solo and dismissed her pleas as unimportant. She was so enraged by this that she opened fire on her crewmates, and rammed her ship into the cruiser's bridge, killing all on board as well as herself. This allowed Solo to finish off Jack and escape without trouble.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jolli was created by Roy Thomas & Howard Chaykin; However, most of her storyline development was done by Archie Goodwin & Carmine Infantino.


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