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Jommillia was a fierce Wookiee warrior on Yavin. Jommillia wore a plumed decorative helmet and armed himself with a battleaxe and spear.

When Annikin Starkiller was carried to the Wookiee settlement by Chewbacca, he awoke in a circle of curious aliens. Jommillia saw the interloper as a chance to fight, an activity the Wookiee greatly enjoyed. He put on a show, intending to intimidate or provoke the young Jedi.

Annikin threatened and insulted the Wookiee in a variety of tongues, though this was ineffective, as they had no languages in common. Finally, the Wookiee threw his axe at Annikin, who, using the force, easily caught it.

A scuffle ensued, and Jommillia's spear was broken. Annikin was hit on the head. Before anyone can be seriously injured, Chewbacca's father, Auzituck, the chief of the Kaapauku (or Sawa) tribe intervened and ended the fight, impressed by Annikin's prowess.

It was inclear what happened to Jommillia later, though the Wookiees tribe joined in an attack on the Imperial Massassi Outpost and manned starfighters in the attack on the Death Star.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This confrontation appears in a modified form in Episode VI, when the Ewoks threaten to sacrifice and eat the heroes. As in the rough draft here, a potential danger from a primitive tribe with a language barrier is averted in the last moment.