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"Now those Mandalorians know what it's like to be hunted! But now that you've killed some of them, they won't stop until you've defeated their leader. You must find him and kill him, too."

Jon was a farmer who lived on Dantooine near the Jedi Enclave with his daughter, Ilsa. Ilsa was killed by a pack of Mandalorians in 3,956 BBY due to her defiance against their assumed authority, and, in his rage, Jon demanded that the Jedi of Dantooine deliver justice. Inadvertently, that justice was delivered by the former Sith Lord Revan, who struck down the Mandalorians in self defense during his trials to become Zhar Lestin's Padawan. Appeased, Jon returned to his farm, and resumed work.

Following his daughter's death, Jon thirsted for Mandalorian blood, and demanded that the Jedi exterminate them. Even when a batch of the Mandalorians had been killed, Jon was not satisfied, and demanded the killing of the leader. Only then did he return to his former state.


The murder of Ilsa

Jon was a well known farmer who lived near the Jedi Enclave and the future capital Khoonda on Dantooine. At some stage in his early career as a farmer, he sired a daughter, Ilsa. It is not known if the child was born in or out of wedlock, as by the time of the Jedi Civil War, there was no mention of Jon's wife, if indeed she did exist.[1]

Jon was always concerned for Ilsa, as she was often given to being compulsive, and there was always the threat of the Mandalorian raiders who plagued the fields of Dantooine, looting farms at random, and leaving people with barely enough food and money to survive. Sometimes, they were known to go even further, killing farmers on a whim. Their intent was to take over the complete infrastructure of the farms surrounding the Jedi Enclave, and they were loath to stop at robbery and pillage.[1]

The Jedi, who were the only form of law on the planet, did next to nothing to stop the Mandalorians, due to the fact that they were dealing with the pressing issue of the Jedi Civil War. This led some farmers to defend themselves, which in turn escalated the problem. One day, when tending the fields with Ilsa, a group of Mandalorian raiders, led by the lightsaber-toting Sherruk, arrived at Jon's farm. Instead of sacking his establishment immediately, they demanded that Ilsa hand over anything of value. When she defied them, they murdered her before Jon's eyes. Enraged, but helpless, Jon was left with the corpse of Ilsa as the Mandalorians fled the scene.[1]

Lobbying to the Jedi Knights


Jon waits outside the Enclave for help.

Outraged and grief-stricken, Jon demanded justice from the Jedi. He ordered that they hunt down the Mandalorians and destroy them, not only to avenge the death of Ilsa, but so that the farmers of Dantooine could live in peace, and without fear of constant attack and destruction. But the Dantooine Council believed that Jon only sought revenge, and so did not humor him. Fuming, Jon spent most of his time outside the Jedi Enclave, asking any Jedi who would walk by for help. However, like the Council, none of the Jedi obliged.[1]

Jon also sought help through other channels. He informed all of his fellow farmers of his plight, but even they did not help him in his quest. Instead, they gave him vocal support, and were quick to cite to strangers the case of Ilsa's murder. Whilst, as Jon pointed out, the death of Ilsa could have been a springboard for a unified resistance against the Mandalorian raiders, the opportunity was wasted.[1]

Meeting Revan


Jon the farmer at the time of his meeting Revan.

One day, Jon met Revan, an amnesiac former Sith Lord who sought to re-commence Jedi training. Revan had made himself known on Dantooine, under his new alias, and so Jon naturally requested that the newcomer help him. Whilst Revan did not initially rebuke Jon, he was not one for wanton violence, and so continued on his set tasks. Inadvertently, Revan was forced to kill several Mandalorians in combat, due to their ambushing him on the fields around the Enclave. Returning to Jon with the news, Revan inquired deeper into the situation.[1]

Jon told him that the carnage would not stop until the ringleader, Sherruk, had been killed. Despite Revan's constant avoidance of the lure of the dark side, he set out after Sherruk, with the justification that he would be helping the farmers. On the grassy plains of Dantooine, he confronted Sherruk, and urged him to refrain from his actions. When Sherruk refused, Revan killed him and his cronies in combat. Revan returned to Jon with the news, which calmed the volatile farmer down. Jon insisted that Revan take his reward of 1000 Republic credits, despite the Jedi's refusal. Satisfied, Jon returned to his farm, a broken man.[1]

Personality and traits

It is not known whether or not Jon was given to violence normally, but he certainly was following the murder of his daughter. Due to the reactions of other farmers in the Enclave community, it can be assumed that Jon was always very active in getting his way. They did not act surprised at Jon's attitude towards the Jedi Council and the Jedi in general following the murder, and they were hesitant in joining any resistance movement that he might form.[1]

Jon himself avoided creating a resistance movement, as he had a complete lack of faith in his combat abilities, which would tend to hint towards a non-violent past. However, Jon lusted for the blood of the Mandalorians. He demanded their destruction, and even requested that their hearts should literally be torn from their bodies.[1]

Jon would not accept the decisions of his peers, or the Jedi, and would constantly demand justice, despite Dantooine not having a fully fledged legal system. Again, this may be due to his grief over his daughter's death, as when the Mandalorian leader, Sherruk, had been killed, Jon suddenly became docile, and no longer abrasive and bloodthirsty.[1]

Behind the scenes

Jon first appeared in the interactive entertainment product Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and was created by David Falkner, Steve Gilmour, Casey Hudson, Drew Karpyshyn, James Ohlen, Preston Watamaniuk, and Derek Watts. He is the instigator of one of Revan's optional side quests in the game. Knights of the Old Republic is the only source in which Jon appears.[1]

Alternate resolutions

If Revan is attuned to the dark side, he will oblige Jon and hunt down the Mandalorians. You can also demand more money from Jon, although he will still give you 1000 credits. It is also possible to ignore Jon completely, although interaction with him is required for 100% completion of the game.[1]



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