Jona Grumby was a male naval officer who served in the Imperial Navy, and later in the Corporate Sector Authority's Picket Fleet.


A distinguished captain, Grumby accumulated a total of thirty years of service in the Imperial Navy, as well as a different fleet prior to that. During the Battle of Ogoth Tiir, Grumby sustained injuries and was rendered unable to walk. Despite his reputation as a quick thinker and fearless captain, he was forced to retire. Now confined to a hover-chair, Grumby was agitated by the inactivity that had been forced upon him because he felt he could still be an effective commander despite his physical disability.

Recruiters for the Corporate Sector Authority's Picket Fleet apparently held the same viewpoint and requested his services. Within the Picket Fleet, Grumby trained new officers and captured a large number of smugglers and pirates. He attained the rank of commodore in the process of doing so and was expected to be eventually promoted to admiral.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jona Grumby's name is likely a reference to the character Jonas Grumby, more commonly known as "The Skipper" from the television program Gilligan's Island.