"Kind of hot out here. Think I might head back to my quarters and lie down for a bit."
―Moroni under the influence of Ferus Olin's Jedi mind trick[src]

Jono Moroni was a Human male janitor who served with the Rebel Alliance at Massassi Station on the moon Yavin 4. He had overheard information about a secret Galactic Empire meeting, information the Rebels had intercepted. Ferus Olin, Moroni's friend a former Jedi Padawan now allied with the Rebellion, used a mind trick to force Moroni to tell him about the information. Olin then suggested Moroni return to his quarters. Even though Olin confronted Rebel General Jan Dodonna about his instincts regarding the message, the Rebels went on to fall into the trap Commander Rezi Soresh drew them into with the message.


"Could be I heard something, while I was mopping up."
―Moroni hesitantly speaks while under the influence of Ferus Olin's Jedi mind trick[src]

In 1 ABY, Jono Moroni, a Human male served with the Rebel Alliance on their hidden fortress on the moon Yavin 4. A quiet man, he had red hair and was the sort to fade into the background, yet could talk for hours. Moroni primarily worked with the droids doing janitorial work. In his time on Yavin 4, he had a bout with Balmorra flu.[1]

One day, he was walking in the jungle outside the base and ran into two other Rebels, Ferus Olin and Div. Unbeknownst to Moroni, Olin was a former Jedi Padawan; now Olin was just an old man. When Moroni and Olin were talking about the weather, Olin used a mind trick to influence Moroni to tell him about the recent activity at the Rebel base. Moroni let slip that the Rebels had intercepted a top-secret message from the Galactic Empire describing an upcoming meeting between the Imperial High Command and Emperor Palpatine. The meeting would have been protected by two Imperial Star Destroyers. Moroni then went on to say General Jan Dodonna planned on taking out the Empire's leadership in one shot.[1]

Olin thanked Moroni and used the mind trick to suggest Moroni go back to his quarters and lie down. Still under the influence of the mind trick, Moroni complained about the heat and went back to his quarters to lie down. Div scowled at Olin for using his mind tricks on a friend, and Olin silently apologized to Moroni. Using the information he acquired, Olin confronted General Dodonna, who told him that the Rebels were going to attack the meeting in two weeks. Although Olin thought the battle was a trap, Dodonna did not trust Olin's instincts and insisted the attack go ahead. In the end, the battle did prove to be a trap by the rogue Imperial Commander Rezi Soresh; Soresh and Olin both perished in the conflagration instigated by Soresh.[1]

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"Good afternoon, Jono. How goes it?""
""Couldn't be better.
―Ferus Olin to Moroni[src]

Physically, Moroni was a scruffy redhead. A quiet man, he faded into the background, yet could talk for hours if one engaged him. Ferus Olin described him as unfailingly friendly and cheerful. In the background, Moroni saw more than people thought he did, and wasn't unwilling to pass it along. It was obvious nothing made him happier than serving the Rebellion, even doing janitorial work.[1]

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Jono Moroni appears in Alex Wheeler's 2010 book Rebel Force: Uprising.


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