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Jorad Pressor was a survivor of the Outbound Flight Project. Unknown to him, his family was selected because his father, Dillian Pressor, had a glimmer of Force-sensitivity and his descendants may have had Jedi potential. He was the brother of Katarin and Rosemari Tabory.


While on board Outbound Flight, the young Jorad formed a friendship with the Jedi Lorana Jinzler, calling her Jedi Lorana since he didn't know how to pronounce Jinzler. It was one of the reasons he didn't kill her brother, Dean Jinzler when he was caught in the trap that was set by the Survivors. He even hoped to became a Jedi but his force-potential wasn't enough. Later, when the vessel crashed into the unnamed planet in the Redoubt, Pressor and his family were safe in the supply core along with other survivors. They then formed a self-sufficient colony, and Pressor eventually became the Guardian of the colony, helping to protect them from intruders.

In the year 22 ABY, Jorad served as the guardian of the colony and used his Force-sensitive niece Evlyn Tabory in his duties, and helped his sister cover up her child's Jedi potential to avoid having her being exiled to D-Three. After the events with Jorus C'baoth, Jorad held strong dislike for the Jedi and did everything they could to hide Evlyn's special abilities. With the arrival of some stranger in the remains of Flight project, Jorad again used his niece to the newcomers to successfully lure them into a trap. He held the strangers trapped in turbo lifts and only the alleged ambassador and his companions were allowed to accompany him to the colony. Meanwhile, Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker managed to escape from an Imperial prison and encounter the Outbound Colony.

Shortly afterwards, they were attacked by the Vagaari, who had previously issued themselves as Geroons, attacked the colonists, the Jedi, Chiss and the Empire of the Hand, in order to avenge their defeat and humiliation during the Battle of the Redoubt. Eventually, Jorad and the other colonists were evacuated to the Empire of the Hand.

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