Jorem Yange was a male who was married to a Sith of the Sith Empire. Yange's wife was one of Darth Baras's infiltrators, and when she was captured by the Jedi Master Somminick Timmns in 3653 BBY, Yange was ordered by Baras to kill her when she started spilling information. A furious Yange spent the next twelve years hunting Timmns, but when he located the man on Belsavis, the Emperor's Wrath killed him before Yange could.

He later digitally sent mail to the Wrath explaining his history with Timmns, and that while he is angry that his kill was stolen, he understands that the Wrath had no way of knowing his goal for revenge and therefore does not hold a grudge against the Warrior and only hopes that the Jedi screamed before he died.