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This house was a one-story building located on the homeworld of the Aing-Tii species. It was built for the use of Jorj Car'das, a Human visitor to the Aing-Tii. In 43 ABY, many years after Car'das left the planet, Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son, Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker, traveled to the Kathol Rift to find the Aing-Tii, in hopes of learning more about Jacen Solo's fall to the dark side of the Force.

The Jedi were received by Tadar'Ro on a moon in the Rift, and were then given instructions to the Aing-Tii homeworld. Upon arriving, they were shown to this house, which was to be where they stayed during the day.

The house was small and one-story tall, with four walls, a roof, and a door. Inside was a mattress, two table, and shelves. The floor was covered by a rug woven with a native plant. The room was cluered with repair parts for blasters, astromech droids, and datapads. There were also several wooden statues, carved by Car'das.


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