"Jedi Tekli will make me run laps if I ever don’t know where the emergency exits are from any of my stations."

Josat was a male Human Padawan of the New Jedi Order. He was assigned to the Jedi Knight Tekli in order to perfect his Force healing powers. In 44 ABY, he tended to Valin and Jysella Horn following their rescue from Galactic Alliance custody and their subsequent release from carbonite. His task was to observe them to check for remaining signs of the Force psychosis which had made them puppets of the Force entity known as Abeloth. While attending to them, he dropped hints about their location in the temple and even placed his Lightsaber (Actually a fake which would emit gas.) Within their reach several times. Unfortunately the Horns were still under Abeloth's influence as the carbonite had preserved their connection to Abeloth and were just biding their time.

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Josat was extremely talkative, which was why he had been chosen for the job. He displayed a great ability to work subtle hints into his words while disguising them with nonstop chatter about politics and mopping techniques.


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