Joseph "Joe" Bongiorno is a writer/editor living on Long Island, New York.

Joe co-wrote the Marvel aliens piece with Rich Handley for the first Star Wars Gamer and was to have written several additional articles (including Supernatural Encounters in the Star Wars Universe and Cult Encounters of the Star Wars Universe) dealing with the beings introduced in the Star Wars Marvel UK series (reprinted as Devilworlds), but the magazine was cancelled before those issues were printed. He also contributed to the Archie Goodwin tribute in Star Wars Insider #38 and the timeline in West End Games' Revised Gamemaster Screen.

Joe is also the creator of , a sprawling website containing comprehensive chronologies of various fantasy/sci-fi universes including:

He is currently the Reviews Editor of The Baum Bugle, the Journal of The Official Wizard of Oz Club.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline goes back to 1992 as a Word document which was distributed to Bill Smith of West End Games and Bob Cooper of Dark Horse Comics.

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Joe apparently wrote and submitted a story to's now defunct Hyperspace subscription service but it was never published.

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