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"I'm the Journeyman Protector here...I'm the law."
―Constable Fett[src]

The Journeyman Protectors were a group of lawmen who safeguarded the citizens of the Outer Rim world of Concord Dawn. Well respected for their service,[1] the Journeyman Protectors' various constables each patrolled their local territory, and were considered representatives of the law,[2] answerable to Concord Dawn's governor. By the time of the Galactic Empire's reign, the Journeyman Protectors wore armor similar to the style worn by Mandalorian soldiers of the era,[4] while exemplary Protectors donned red-brown honor sashes around their waists as a mark of special recognition.[5]


"He was a Journeyman Protector here for a time. But he killed a man—which is what he does—and he was exiled from Concord Dawn."
Sintas Vel, speaking about Boba Fett[src]

During the later years of the Great Peace of the Republic,[6] Concord Dawn native Jaster Mereel chose to become a Journeyman Protector. A man of strong moral character, Mereel was ultimately expelled from the Protectors and exiled from Concord Dawn after he killed a corrupt superior officer. Mereel went on to join the Mandalorians,[7] and his post as a Journeyman Protector was taken up by a farmer named Fett. Fett's own service came to an end when the civil war between the True Mandalorians and Death Watch came to Concord Dawn, claiming his and his wife's lives,[2] while his eldest child was kidnapped by Death Watch[8] and his now orphaned son, Jango, taken in and raised by Jaster Mereel.[2]

Prior to joining the Cuy'val Dar—a group of veteran soldiers chosen to train the clone commandos of the nascent Grand Army of the Republic's special forcesCort Davin served a period of time as a Journeyman Protector. While training clones for the Galactic Republic on Kamino, Davin was responsible for introducing the ways of the Journeyman Protectors to a number of the troopers in his charge. From Davin, clone commander Bacara learned the traditions, history, and language of the Journeyman Protectors; Bacara came to associate heavily with the Protectors, and like them, viewed himself as a man of law and order. The clone trooper sergeant Fox of the 501st Legion also developed a fascination with the Journeyman Protectors during the course of his service to the Republic. As the Clone Wars raged on, Fox looked forward to a day when the fighting would end, aspiring to join the Protectors' ranks following the conclusion of the war.[3]

After marrying Sintas Vel, Boba Fett gave up his life as a bounty hunter and settled down with his new family on Concord Dawn,[9] the homeworld of both his biological and adopted grandfathers.[2] Assuming the name of his adopted grandfather, Jaster Mereel,[7] Fett chose to follow in his footsteps and joined the Journeyman Protectors.[9] During his service, Fett befriended a fellow Journeyman Protector by the name of Lenovar,[1] who grew to be a mentor to Fett.[9] However, Lenovar later raped Sintas Vel, and Fett shot and killed Lenovar as retribution.[1] Like his grandfather before him,[7] history saw Fett expelled from the Journeyman Protectors and exiled from Concord Dawn for his crimes against a superior officer.[1] Some time later, Lenovar's father, Concord Dawn's Governor Purton, sought vengeance against Fett and his family for the death of his son. After attempting to kill Fett on Sathiemon, Purton orchestrated a strike on a Concord Dawn residence owned by Sintas Vel by a team of Journeyman Protectors. Led by Captain Kaplan, the Protectors were killed during the course of the assault, while Purton himself was slain by Vel's ally Connor Freeman after the governor attacked her in disbelief,[4] refusing to accept that his son had been her rapist.[1]



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