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Jowart Typok was once a member of the Interplanetary Charts and Surveys but was forced to leave due to Imperial cut-backs on exploration. He later praised these cut-backs for forcing him to discover the lucrative business of professional game hunting. He found the work rewarding as he enjoyed killing defenseless beasts from afar and he became quite wealthy by selling exotic trophies to collectors and nobles. Both credits and strong connections allowed him to obtain licenses to carry exotic weapons, hunt endangered species, and carry on illegal trades. He had cybernetic implants which augmented his body, specifically the Neuro-Saav Corporation's Cardio-Muscular Package and the Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes. He was known to carry a "bantha cannon", a blaster rifle he had customized and drove his personal vehicle Reptor.

Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, Typok was found on Entooine hunting the Blue banthas for their unique horns. While hunting there he wore a white thermal suit and dark goggles. During one of his hunts, a group of Rebels found him. Though he attempted to snipe at them with his blaster, they managed to wound him forcing him to flee on the Reptor. Though he managed to make it back to his starship which was piloted by his companion Jes Flon, the Rebels eventually managed to shoot him down.