"If you wish to remain on Romin, it would be a good idea to be on the winning side."
"The winning side? Are you going up against Teda and expecting to win?"
"We will win because we have to win ... What never fails to amuse me is when beings underestimate the power of desperation...
―Romin Citizens' Resistance leader Joylin, to Jedi Padawan Ferus Olin, disguised as Slam gang member Ukiah.[src]

Joylin was the native Romin leader of the Citizens' Resistance group operating on the planet of Romin in the years prior to 23 BBY. Upon the downfall of the oppressive Teda regime, Joylin assumed the revolutionary leadership of the new government prior to the Clone Wars.

Described as tall and slender, Joylin possessed a clear, powerful magnetism in both speech and movement. Energy seemed to be collected in his muscles and radiated out from his gestures and the pale eyes of light gold peculiar to his species. He had a deep voice, edged betimes with sarcasm, or thrilling inspiration, when the situation required it.



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