Juahir Madras was a human female that lived on Coruscant and was a friend of Arihnda Pryce and Driller MarDapp. She worked as a waiter before becoming a martial arts instructor who worked for the Togorian H'sishi, who owned the Yinchom Dojo. Madras trained bodyguards who worked for Senators from the Imperial Senate. She and Driller were part of a spy ring that spied on the Empire on behalf of the insurgent leader Nightswan. Madras used her position at the Yimchom Dojo to convince bodyguards to spy on Imperial senators and officials. Juahir and her associates were betrayed by Pryce, who alerted the Imperial authorities. In return for a confession, Madras was spared execution and instead imprisoned at the Oovo IV detention center.[1]

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