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«That doesn't sound good. How angry will Princess Leia be?»
«That depends on what he's smashing. If it's the singing lamp the Jumerians gave her as a wedding present, she might even thank him. Let's just hope he hasn't broken Han's bottle of Ithorian Mist. That would be bad.»
Mallatobuck and Chewbacca upon hearing their son, Lumpawaroo, ransacking the Solos' apartment.[src]

The Jumerians were a sentient species[1] from the Jumeria system[2] of the Core Worlds[3] and members of the New Republic.[1] By the year 8 ABY,[4] they had presented Princess Leia Organa Solo with a singing lamp as a wedding gift. Although she found the item repugnant, she kept it in the Coruscanti apartment she shared with her husband, Han Solo.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

"The Jumerian species was one of the members of the New Republic."
―Wookieepedia, 2006[src]

Jumerians were mentioned in an eBook novel, A Forest Apart, written by Troy Denning and published in 2003. The original source did not make it clear whether the Jumerians were a species or a social group of some kind. However, in 2008, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia included a Jumerian entry copied almost directly from the Star Wars wiki Wookieepedia, whose article on the subject assumed without reference that they were a species.[6]



Notes and referencesEdit

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