Luke Skywalker on top of a jump platform, equipped with a wing pack.

Jump platforms were technological devices on the planet of Solay which were designed to propel an individual into the air. These platforms consisted of a large circular area with a center mounting area where the person would stand. The surrounding area contained several levers for activating the platform, as well as a cache of wing packs, backpacks that acted as glider once the person was in the air. Once a lever was pulled, the center mounting area would rapidly lift, shooting the person on the platform high into the air. As soon as the person was at their maximum height, they would pull a lever on the wing pack, releasing two large wings that allowed the individual to glide across the landscape.

Around 4 ABY, Luke Skywalker used a jump platform when pursuing the ex-King of Solay, Blackart. Skywalker's companion, Scamp activated the device, propelling Skywalker high into the air where he was able to prevent Blackart from escaping in a Solay rocket ship.