The Jumpstar HPF starfighter was a specialized starfighter deployed by the Galactic Alliance during the Sith–Imperial War and the subsequent Second Imperial Civil War.


The Jumpstar HPF, or hyperspace pursuit fighter, was structurally very similar to the A-9 Vigilance interceptor that was produced by Kuat Drive Yards during the Galactic Civil War.[2] Its pair of advanced engines and specialized regenerating shields allowed the Jumpstar to match many other starfighters of its time, though it was outpaced by the best interceptors. In addition to a forward mounted laser cannon, the Jumpstar was armed with 8 marker missiles. These missiles were not designed to destroy an enemy craft, but rather attached a homing beacon that allows a Jumpstar to track its target.[1]


The Jumpstar HPF was capable of serving as a standard starfighter, though its specialized role was as a tracking vessel. Powerful engines, a set of retractable sensor arrays, and marker missiles made the Jumpstar a formidable pursuit craft. Its primary duty was to pursue escaping enemy starships and track them.[1]


One of the Galactic Alliance Remnant's elite fighter units, Twisted Star Squadron, flew the Jumpstar HPF. During the Battle of Caamas, this squadron had been deployed in anticipation of tracking any Imperial warships that escaped. However, when the battle turned into a Alliance rout, Twisted Star Squadron was among the units to escape with Admiral Gar Stazi.[1]


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