"Heroes are either extremely skilled or extremely lucky. I happen to be both"
―Junas Turner[src]

Captain Junas Turner was a Human male who joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic when the Galactic Empire destroyed his home planet Alderaan. He was a brash idealist, who often would get into messy situations and somehow always managed to get out of them again with an upper hand.


Before joining the Alliance, he was a galactic trader and therefore a natural for reconnaissance missions, which became his specialty when working for the Rebellion. He would take full advantage of his skills and his luck and was often successful on his missions.

On an unsuccessful mission to Endor to investigate the Imperial Death Star II project, he was attacked by a Yootak. However Grael the Ewok saved his life. Soon after, they were both captured by the Empire and sent to the droid-administered prison facility on the Balis-Baurgh space station. Here he met up with two other Rebels, Becker and Lon, and developed a friendship with Grael. Junas and Grael eventually escaped the prison colony and made it back to Endor just in time for the celebrations of the destruction of the second Death Star.



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