A Junior Academy for recruits of the Galactic Empire was located in the city of Phelar on the planet Eriadu during the early years of the Empire's reign. The academy was suppose to weed out weaker individuals before they were sent to the Imperial Academy of Eriadu located in the capital, Eriadu City; however, due to the small size of Phelar the academy only received a small number of recruits each year and so the local authorities were more concerned with supplying enough troops to the capital then with the quality of those troops. As such, the human male who would go on to be designated TK-462 found his time at the academy incredibly easy, as the instructors ensured that he and all six other members of his class successfully graduated at the end of a year.[1]

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The Junior Academy was first mentioned in the short story "TK-462", which was written by Sylvain Neuvel and published in Star Wars Insider 166 in 2016.


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